Day 1,119 (+3): Talking with Belle

Belle from Tired of Thinking About Drinking changed my life, full stop. So when she asked me to be on her podcast, I had one of those Wayne-and-Garth “I’m not worthy!” moments. Like I should be asking her to be on my podcast, you know? Except I don’t have a podcast, of course. So the only real option was to kick my unworthiness to the curb and say “Yes, please!”

It was a blast. We were supposed to talk for 25 minutes and we went on for an hour. About writing, being anonymous vs. public, being jealous of other people’s blog titles (hi Jean!), , Moving Day in Quebec (so weird), and whether I am on a mission (Belle thinks maybe yes, and I don’t know what I think). The +3 in this post title gets explained, too.

You can listen here.



4 thoughts on “Day 1,119 (+3): Talking with Belle

  1. I subscribe to Belle’s podcasts. I really liked it. She doesn’t have a lot of guests- and she has tremendously helped me out too. I’ll probably listen to it again. Kudos to y’all.

  2. I so enjoyed listening to you and Belle chat on the podcast. I listened to it twice. And saved it. The writing thing, the drinking thing, everything, resonated. Thanks for deciding you were “worthy”.

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