Day 100. (Day 100!)

It’s the morning of my 100th day of sobriety. The end of Team 100 and the beginning of Team 180 (thank you, Belle!). When I came downstairs this morning the house was empty and there was a beautiful handmade necklace, Asian- and antique-looking, on the kitchen counter along with a ‘100 Days’ note from my husband. I put it on with my pajamas. When my husband came in from his run, he kissed me and said ‘That’s the most beautiful, radiant face I’ve ever seen.’ Then he told me ‘It’s not actually a necklace–it’s a really old mala. See the little metal discs on the side? Those are counters–you move one over for every hundred beads so you know how far along you are in your meditation. But you should wear it like that. It looks amazing.’ Then he started to cry. ‘I’m going to remember kissing you on your 100th day for a long time,’ he said. ‘I’m really happy.’

I had in mind a post about what I expected from these 100 days vs. what it turned out to be like for real. And I’ll write it later or tomorrow. For now I’m just enjoying this rainy, peaceful Sunday morning.


6 thoughts on “Day 100. (Day 100!)

  1. Uh, just so you know, this totally made me very unexpectedly tear up at my desk at work. Sheesh.

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