2 thoughts on “98 Days

  1. Why are you getting spooked about it? Unless you are planning to going back to drinking and are waiting for the finish line, then it need not be such a looming thing! I don’t say “never” nor do I do “one day at a time”. I just live for the present, make my plans for the future, and try to enjoy what is going on around me. I know, easy for me to say…but not really! I know I started to feel different after 90 days. And certainly another 90 days I was even finer. The first year is a bit of a roller coaster, but looking back at it, I know I had my anxious moments…but I can tell you that it does get easier and lighter as time goes by. Don’t dwell on the numbers. Day 101 is going to be very much like Day 100. Keep doing what it is that keeps you sober, and it will all be fine 🙂


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